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Why sponsor?

Join us in transforming and changing children, families, groups, and communities in Bukaala and other regions of Uganda, East Africa and Africa at Large.
We believe that helping and changing such community’s social economical life is the key to making our world a better tomorrow.
Bukaala pride foundation believes that education is the key to changing lives from poverty, joblessness, un-innovativeness, lack among others to a life of possibilities and bright future. Sponsoring a child creates a ripple effect across nations.
Many of African children, most especially in sub Sahara region grow in such situation and many of the children we meet, are in the same situation.

You can make a decision to sponsor one child today to impact the lives of thousands of children across East Africa through the work of Bukaala pride foundation.
Orphans, Disabled, disadvantaged and vulnerable groups and individuals have the ability to stand up and make a difference in their communities, they can help mold a better future.
With your sponsorship, you can stand in the gap for these groups.