By donating to Bukaala pride foundation, you are helping and reaching out a community that may not know your names or even your address, but because of this act, their…

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Why sponsor?

Join us in transforming and changing children, families, groups, and communities in Bukaala and other regions of Uganda, East Africa and Africa at Large. We believe that helping and changing…

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To sustain and develop communities that include vulnerable children, Youth and marginalized women. For a child to succeed in school, that child must be happy, healthy, and safe. That means…

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Meet the team

Foundation has been built on the greatest pillars of experienced,competent, dedicated staff and management, Volunteers, support staff and above all, visionary directors. Among others, it has been uniquely identified and…

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Agriculture program

We promote agriculture through training in modern farming practices, distribution of high quality mushroom seeds, poultry farming, among others. Agriculture as Uganda's economic backbone's strength is in people and once…

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Education programme

PHDI aims at providing primary and secondary and vocational educational services vulnerable children and youths in our community, through paying school fees and providing scholastic materials for children from vulnerable…

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