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Skills development

PHDI focuses on how you can help and empower local people to understand how their skills and knowledge can be enhanced and shared to improve the well being of others in their communities. This is through vocational training by apprenticeship, PHDI provides a wide range of skills to children they include Motor vehicle and motorcycle mechanics, welding and Hair dressing/cutting, We identifies training facilities within the area, trainers who will train these youth by example, procurement of the tailoring equipment, all done by the our volunteers and staff. The above activities results into periodic supervision of beneficiaries follow up visits and reviews are also involved to ensure successful implementation.
We have worked in partnership with local communities, employers and local leaders to explore the skills that exist in the community and how these can complement the provision of services to people who need care and support.
A wide range of resources has been provided which includes case studies with the demonstration of learning and practical tools to enable embed community skills and development.